Gap Year in Nepal with Indra Foundation

Exciting Gap Year in Neal Programs
Another growing popular travel programs in Nepal is Gap Year in Nepal. Basically, if you are a high school / college or university gap year students then Nepal has been a popular destination for ideal gap year programs. We have wide ranges of programs to choose from Gap Year volunteer opportunities or Gap Year Internships… contact us for all you travel need and requirements.

Exciting Gap Year in Nepal programs provides you an opportunity for exploring real Nepal though a very amazing local travel experiences where you can immerse yourself to the cultures and local lifestyle of people of Nepal locally! Another reason to choose Nepal for Gap Year programs is that, Nepal is a very popular destination for tours, trekking, jungle safari and various gap year adventures!

Short Term and Long Term Gap Year Programs
Depending on your gap year vacation duration and your desire we can provide you various duration gap year programs to meet your gap year ideas! Normally we can offer you very short term gap year in Nepal from 2 weeks programs to long term gap year opportunities of 8 weeks longer program or even longer on your request! Please contact us for further information on your travel needs and duration!

Gap Year Volunteer or Gap Year Internships

We have various gap year volunteer opportunities in Nepal, you can volunteer in Nepal orphanage for providing child care, gap year Nepal monastery placement to experience Buddhist Monastery in Nepal and learn more about Buddhism cultures, you can volunteer in schools for gap year teaching in Nepal and various other meaningful community based gap year volunteer projects.

Similarly we offer various gap year internships in tea research, microfinance, NGO management and many more programs! In our tea research internship program you can see and learn the process of tea producing and processing, in microfinance internships you can see how microfinance are benefitting the rural communities in Nepal women empowerment in Nepal and many more opportunities.

Gap Year Adventure Travel and Cultural Programs
Nepal being the land of nature, culture and adventure... Nepal provides you the best Gap Year Travel experiences... either be it a visit to an Asia's largest and most beautiful tea gardens in Ilam (Eastern Nepal), gap year trek to Everest base camp trekking or other trails in Himalayas, exploring Lumbini the birth place of Lord Buddha is very interesting travel opportunities in life!

If you interested in wildlife then, some of the world's fascinating wildlife like Red Panda, One horned Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers are making Nepal a very popular jungle safari destination and also Nepal is considered as Bird watching Paradise in Asia!

Not only that, travelling through the rural villages of Nepal gives you an opportunity for meeting many local people and learning their local lifestyle; enjoying the very authentic and welcoming experience of hospitality being in Nepali host family is another great attraction of Nepal Gap year programs! We welcome and invite everyone to join our gap year programs in Nepal.