Nepal Construction Volunteer Program

Nepal Construction Volunteer Program is designed for those who wish to work for helping communities in Nepal though constructions works. In Nepal, especially if we go in villages there we can see many schools lacking very basic to basic infrastructure like proper desk benches, no toilets for school children, no drinking water taps for the Children and many more miserable conditions are seen, in this context it is our aim to help connecting volunteers for helping such schools in need!

As a volunteer in this program you will be helping rural village schools in Nepal for constructing new school infrastructures / school renovation process, building toilets for school children, water taps for school projects, library for schools and many more ways to help. We believe that this program will be one such a rewarding experience for it participants to feel and to see the impacts of their works immediately after completion of projects, giving the lasting impressions of community development initiatives in Nepal Villages.

As a Volunteer in this program, your activities will be:
  • Working directly to construct / renovate Schools projects in Nepal.
  • Helping schools to build Toilet / Drinking water Taps / Library for Children.
  • Raise Finds for School Infrastructure Development Programs.
  • Coordinate Communities in School infrastructures development process.
  • Assisting communities though Technical / logistical support.

Fast Facts about the Program:
  • Program Duration: 2 weeks - 12 weeks.
  • Accommodation and Meals: You will be staying with local host families & will be provided 3 meals a day according to Nepali menu.
  • Working Time: Flexible; 6 - 8 hours a day / 5 - 6 days in a week, all other time is free.
  • Training & Support: In-country orientation, Pre-departure helpdesk, Local in-country team and 24hr emergency support & services are provided.

If you are interested to work in Construction Volunteering sectors and help Community construction projects in Nepal then "Nepal Construction Volunteer Program" is for you! Please always feel free to Contact Us for more information about the program or Book Now!